Canada’s leading AML expert Matt McGuire joins our team

mattWe are very excited to announce that we have partnered with internationally recognized forensic accountant Matthew McGuire to lead our regulatory and compliance initiatives. Matt’s leadership ensures that we will continue to protect our clients’ interests in all matters related to FINTRAC, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know-Your-Client (KYC) when it comes to onboarding customers at account opening.

While we have had a long-standing relationship with Matt , his engagement with thirdstream became official in September of 2016. Matt will assist us to ensure that our platform is continually adhering to anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing regulations.

Matt has been helping financial institutions assess and reduce financial crime and related regulatory risks for almost two decades. He has also served as an advisor to the United Nations as well as Canadian and foreign governments on the development of their laws and financial intelligence functions.

Founder of The AML Shop, Matt is considered Canada’s leading Financial Crime Risk Management expert and is internationally recognized for his expertise in anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorist financing (CTF). In addition, Matt is a Chartered Professional Accountant and Chartered Accountant, member of the Department of Finance Private/Public Advisory Committee on AML/AT, Chair of the AML Committee of CPA Canada and the founder of the Seneca College Institute for Financial Crime Analysis. He is certified in Financial Forensics (CFF) by the American Institute of Certified Professional Accountant and as an Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) by the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists.

Matt is excited about his association with thirdstream and sees it as a natural fit with the work he does with his team at The AML Shop. “thirdstream is an innovative and agile firm focused on developing products that reduce burden and improve client experience. Their approach to reducing friction will define compliance management over the next five years.” Matt is also very happy to associate with a company that is so aligned with Canadian credit unions as he has great respect for their “principled and member-driven approach.” He also looks forward to helping our clients in any way he can whether it be program development, evaluation, assistance with regulator interventions or recruitment.

Our CEO Christian Clapton says “When it comes to compliance and security, there is simply no one more qualified than Matt to lead that side of our product development. Not only will our company benefit tremendously from his expertise, insights and connections, his ‘seal of approval’ assures our clients that onboarding via cumulus is 100% compliant. This regulatory assurance will give our clients the confidence to go after new business via our platform and help them to avoid hundreds of thousands of dollars in regulatory fines.
Our CTO Keith Ginter agrees. “Matt brings unparalleled expertise to our team, our platform and, ultimately to our clients. Compliance is one of the biggest barriers to onboarding. Our innovative solutions and Matt’s expertise effectively removes that barrier, especially when it comes to non-face-to-face transactions.”

More about Matt McGuire and the AML Shop
Founded by Matt McGuire, one of the world’s leading experts in Financial Crime, the AML Shop brings together a dynamic team of industry experts to provide financial service companies with regulatory program development, program evaluation, model tuning and validation, regulator intervention assistance, temporary and long term placements and outsourced compliance services. For more information, visit The AML Shop.


Digital strategies for a new age

A great rate, exceptional service and sweet campaigns have always played a central role in attracting people to your FI, but times have changed and these things alone are no longer enough. Customer expectations are escalating quickly, shaped by other sectors and led by giants like Amazon. In every industry – including financial services – it’s no longer just about a product.

Customers are choosing brands based on how they facilitate engagement across all channels and devices, whether or not they offer personalized service and how easy they make it to navigate the purchase funnel. The expectation for an outstanding customer experience is the new bottom line. Customer experience, and the technology that supports it, are the big drivers of innovation and strategy.

Knowing if you’re doing what you can and need to do to ensure that customers choose your brand is one of the keys to your ongoing growth and profitability. Maybe you’re already doing this. Maybe you’re ready to get started. Or maybe you’re not 100% sure where to start or what your goals and strategies should be. 

We’ve developed a great tool that will help you determine if you’re on the right track with your digital strategies or if there are things you can be doing even better than you already are. We call it OARA (Online Acquisition Readiness Assessment). It’s a free service we offer any FI, whether you’re a thirdstream client or not. We’ll use our OARA tool to evaluate your organization’s current digital marketing position, then we’ll compare how you measure up to industry standards and best practices. 

Our OARA measures tactics (or projected tactics) like:

  • social media activities
  • content marketing
  • using and building your email list
  • digital advertising and promotions
  • how your website is working for you
  • the effectiveness of your acquisition tool

It’s a simple process. During a short conversation with your team, we’ll ask you a series of simple questions about everything from social engagement to retargeting, Google AdWords and SEO. Your answers will give us the insight we need to:

  • analyze where you’re at today
  • offer detailed recommendations for each question asked
  • identify a few key take-aways on how to increase your overall readiness for online acquisition. 


Once we’ve completed your analysis, we’ll present you with a personalized results dashboard/report for you to share with key players within your organization.

report screen shot

You can take it from there if you’d like and choose to follow through with all or any of the recommendations that have come out of your OARA. If you’d prefer a more hands-on approach, we’d be happy to offer as much guidance and consultation as you’d like to get or keep your digital marketing strategies on track. 

If you’d like to know more about this or go ahead and set up an OARA for your FI, it’s easy. There’s no commitment and it’s 100% gratis. Just give us a call at 403-381-1360 or contact We’re here to help. And we’re happy to do it.

Meet our PM/BA

The words human dynamo come to mind when describing Tana Chasakara. Such a dynamo, in fact, that her role simply can’t be contained to a single set of tasks. Not only is she our our project manager, she’s also highly regarded (and valued) as our business analyst and QA lead. It boggles the mind what this gal can do. A graduate of the University of Guelph, where she earned an honours degree in Management, Economics and Finance with distinction, Tana’s combination of intelligence, experience and skill are a core strength for our team and our product line. While she’s analyzing, problem solving, testing and organizing and, Tana can be found roaming from office to office and desk to desk, laptop in hand, generally keeping us all on task. Other than that, she loves to entertain the team with stories of her childhood in Zimbabwe and ensure that we’re all clear that Africa is a continent and not a country.


Here are some other interesting facts about our project manager/business analyst.

When did you join the thirdstream team?
September 2014.

What is your role with thirdstream?
Project manager and business analyst but I also lead QA efforts.

What appeals to you the most about the work you do with thirdstream?
I appreciate always being challenged with interesting and diverse assignments.  I like that I can grow my career in the direction that best suits my skill sets and interests.

In 1-2 sentences, what do you appreciate the most about being part of this team?
I love that the work is challenging but the people are not. We value each other’s inputs and work collaboratively to produce some very cool technology. And we have fun doing it.

Now for the fun stuff  

Harare, Zimbabwe

Harare until 18, Toronto thereafter

Grew up in which decade
The 2000’s. Is that a thing?

Biggest musical (or other) influence when you were growing up
Simon and Garfunkel

Favourite tune/band on your ipod right now
Jhene Aiko

Huge fan of
Fantasy Films/Books and Anime

You’re happiest when
I’m with my family

Favourite Beverage
Peppermint tea

Greatest inspiration
My mother (cliché but true – she is awesome)

Greatest achievement (so far)
Choosing to be happy, no matter what

In Kevin’s case

It’s gadgets and gizmos aplenty for our VP of Development, Kevin Anderson. However, not just any gadget (or gizmo) will do for this ‘everyday carry’ (EDC) enthusiast. Kevin’s carry case mainstays are more than just trendy technogeek. They’re also about utility and preparedness, so they each serve a purpose and have a specific, useful function. Especially the Nerf gun. Check it out.IMG_0067

Maxpedition Micro Pocket Organizer @MAXPEDITION, Fisher Space Pen @FisherPenCo, Thrunite T10T Flashlight @ThruNiteproduct, Sensordrone Bluetooth Sensor @Sensordrone, various thumbdrives, Gerber Shard @gerber_tools, Screwpop Utilitiy Knife, MacBook Pro @APPLEOFFIClAL, Gerber Clutch @gerber_tools, N-Strike Maverick Nerf Gun @NerfNStrike, iPhone 6s plus @APPLEOFFIClAL, Leatherman Wave @leathermanusa, Umbra Bungee Card Case, Gerber tanto pocket knife @gerber_tools, Bose UC-15 Headphones @bose, Fitbit One Wireless Activity+Sleep Tracker @fitbit, MasterGrip Digital Laser Thermometer @Costco.