meet our Client Care Coordinator

When we decided to dedicate a team member to the role of Client Care Coordinator, we knew it would have to be someone who was smart and efficient, a good listener and easy to talk to. The person in that role would need to be conscientious, understand our software and our processes and be able to communicate well with the team.

Fortunately for us – and our clients – we didn’t have to look far. We found all of that and more in Isaac Prusky, a member of our team since 2007.

Isaac started out in an administrative role but it was evident immediately that he had much more to offer our team. He helped us enormously as our social media guru before handing that role off to Kristy Jahn-Smith last year. More recently, he’s been instrumental in his roles as copy editor and quality assurance coordinator. Aside from his keen insight and dedication to his roles, Isaac also knows more than anyone else we know about music, movies and really cool television.

Here are some other cool facts about our new Client Care Coordinator.

When did you join the thirdstream team?
July, 2007.

What is your role with thirdstream?
Client care and account maintenance.

What appeals to you the most about the work you do with thirdstream?
I think what appeals the most to me about the work I do is the pleasure I get from helping others. Acting as the bridge between the client and thirdstream is not always an easy task, but hearing someone express their gratitude about a job well done makes it all worthwhile. Knowing that what I do contributes to the successful completion of a project fills me with pride not only for myself but for our company at large.

In 1-2 sentences, what do you appreciate the most about being part of this team?
The support I receive from this team on a daily basis is absolutely staggering. Everyone realizes the importance of everyone else’s role and we are constantly working together to achieve greatness.

Now for the fun stuff

November 23, 1989 in Vancouver.

Lethbridge with short stops in New Haven Connecticut and Richmond, Virginia.

Grew up in which decade
The tail end of the ‘90s into the first decade of the ‘00s

Biggest musical (or other) influence when you were growing up
In terms of music, I’d say Neil Young or Tom Waits. There are too many to name otherwise!

Favourite tune/band on your iPod right now
The new Swans album is terrific. I’m also enjoying a lot of obscure soul and funk compilations lately.

Huge fan of
Record collecting, watching films, reading.

You’re happiest when
Spending time with my family, friends or loved ones; also, the simple pleasures of reading, listening to music, or watching films.

Other Hobbies/Interests
Training at the gym, skiing, media studies.

Favourite Beverage
A well-made cup of black coffee.

Greatest inspiration
My parents. All of whom are highly intelligent, compassionate and full of life.

Greatest achievement (so far)
So far, all the travelling I’ve been able to do, owning a home and graduating university by 24 (and travelled to space 5 times).

how can we help you?

We’ve dedicated an enormous and gratifying amount of energy into building software and marketing solutions for our credit union clients over the years. These solutions are creative, exciting and on the leading edge of emerging digital technology and online trends.

Equally as exciting is how steadily we are growing. Our client base continues to expand across Canada and into the United States. Our partnerships with key players are forming in ways that will allow us to deliver increasingly comprehensive, customized solutions to FIs of every size and asset base. This is a very exciting time in our journey as a company.

So how do we continue to grow at such a dynamic pace while at the same time keeping our our promise to help credit unions grow? How do we ensure that our clients’ needs remain at the centre of every goal, project, campaign and business solution?

It starts with dedicating one of the finest members of our team to ensuring that client care stays at the forefront of our brand promise. Each and every day. We’re happy to announce that Isaac Prusky, a member of our team since 2007, has taken on this important role for us. To no one’s surprise, he is doing a great job.

He doesn’t work alone, of course. He’s supported by everyone from our office staff to our CEO. Along with the rest of the team, Isaac endeavours to live by our client care code of conduct to:

  • show respect
  • be honest and accountable
  • demonstrate empathy and understanding
  • listen attentively
  • respond positively
  • consistently deliver on promises

Some of the tasks he manages with our team include:

  • daily communication with our clients by phone, email or Skype
  • quarterbacking maintenance and other requests
  • communicating requests/concerns to the appropriate thirdstream team member
  • providing clients with updates and information as required
  • following up with clients until the request has been completed

The roots of our journey as a company lie in the relationships we have with our credit union clients. Our continued success depends on maintaining, nurturing and evolving these relationships. Our renewed dedication to client care is one small but significant way to ensure that we continue to meet our clients’ expectations and needs. Each and every day.

a week with Pragmatic Marketing

We make a big commitment to continuing education at thirdstream. The more we know, the better we can meet the needs of our clients’ emerging needs. That education comes in the form of weekly think-tanks and deep dives into industry research and trends. We also regularly attend conferences and courses that will help us stay ahead of the curve.

We recently sent Jeff Coomber, our UX Director to Seattle, Washington to take part in a week-long series of courses offered by Pragmatic Marketing. 

Pragmatic Marketing is a product management methodology for the technology industry. The instructors who deliver the courses are considered thought-leaders in product management and marketing development.

Since 1993, the Pragmatic Marketing team has:

  • trained more than 100,000 product management and marketing professionals at 7,000 companies on six continents
  • been repeatedly honoured by Inc. magazine as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America (2000, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2013)
  • named by Comerica Bank as a Company to Watch
  • led the product management and marketing groups at many of today’s leading technology companies

During his week with the Pragmatic Marketing team, Jeff took the following courses:

Foundations, which reinforced how important it is to understanding your market and to use that understanding to guide decisions, prioritize projects, uncover opportunities and drive results. A perfect fit with our personification philosophy.

Focus, which gave him insight into how to use market data to identify the best product strategies, build product plans, gain consensus among key stakeholders and use roadmaps to articulate the vision.

Build, to prioritize requirements based on the understood needs of the users and what they are trying to accomplish, improve the handoff between departments  and build targeted solutions and innovative products. This course also focused on the value of implementing a universal approach, regardless of location or methodology (Waterfall, Agile, hybrid, etc.).

Jeff came away from the week with the Pragmatic Marketing team armed with practical, actionable ideas that dovetail with our own ‘outside-in’ client-centric approach. Jeff sums up his week like so:

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn and discuss product management theory and experience with other product managers. The course really helped bring an enhanced focus to solving problems for our clients and ensuring we provide the most value to them.”