meet our CEO

As CEO of our growing company, Christian Clapton is a fearless visionary who leads our team in bringing marketing and technology together to improve the financial services that our credit union clients can deliver in the online space. His passion and continual insights inspire all of us to innovate and push the envelope in every area of our business.

Among his many strengths as a leader is his ability to bring out the best in each member of our team. He sees potential and then creates the space for that potential to be realized. He also leads by example, working hard and continually challenging himself to do better, know more and reach higher. Whether he’s leaving motivational post-it notes around the office, writing weekly internal updates to celebrate every victory or keeping us in stitches with his unique approach to the English language and all things #hashtagitself, Christian sits quietly and consistently at the centre of every thirdstream success.

Christian is married to Kathy, who is also thirdstream’s creative and copy director. They have three children: Isaac, Abigayil and Maiya. The family resides in sunny and windy Lethbridge Alberta for most of the year while spending a majority of the winter weekends at Castle Mountain Ski Resort.

When he’s not thinking about what’s next for thirdstream, Christian is spending time with his family. He’s an enthusiastic basketball dad and an emerging fly fisherman. And, if he had his way, he’d be skiing 365 days of the year.

Here are some other cool facts about our CEO

When did you join the thirdstream team?


What is your role with thirdstream?

I’m the CEO.

What appeals to you the most about the work you do with thirdstream?

My current top-three loves about what we do at thirdstream are:

  1. The market opportunities we and our clients have to re-invent financial services with innovation and client experience.
  2. That I get to work with great minds both within the company and with our clients.
  3. The pace at which we must evolve and the fact that it is driven by innovation.

What do you appreciate the most about being part of this team?

Working with the people – seeing our team learn and share this while growing themselves in their discipline.  Facilitating this is so very rewarding for me.

Now for the fun stuff


In the United Kingdom



Grew up in which decade

The 80′s

Biggest musical (or other) influence when you were growing up


Family you’d like to mention?

My wife and kids (as mentioned above) but I can’t leave out our daughter-in-law Monique and our dog Teddy (Yorkshire Terrier).

Favourite tune/band on your iPod right now

Band – Jungle    Song – Platoon

You’re happiest when

Skiing and thinking about the turn ahead and planning for the growth of thirdstream and the folks who make it up.

Other Hobbies/Interests

Skiing, fly fishing and my daughters.

Favourite Beverage

It depends on the day of the week.

Greatest inspiration

Steve Jobs.

Greatest achievement (so far)

My family.