In Jeff’s case

Jeff Coomber, our director of product management, loves innovation. This would probably explain his ‘early adopter’ philosophy. He’s usually the first in the office to try out the latest technological doodad, app or software. Checking out the latest happenings on Kickstarter is a daily thing for this guy and it goes without saying the he’d never miss an Apple release. What kind of things does a user-experience enthusiast like Jeff have in his case? Check it out.


Where did he get this gear?
Coffee Mug @starbucks; Bose QuietComfort 15 Headphones @bose; journal @wipebook; whiteboard must-haves @STAEmars; Apple TV with remote by Apple; iPhone 6 by Apple; iMac by Apple; water bottle @SIGG_NA; desk by @ikea.

In Kathy’s case

Before our creative director Kathy Matkin-Clapton heads to the office, she loads her workday essentials into her carrying case. We recently met her at the door and emptied the contents of her case (and hands) onto her desk. Check out Kathy’s eclectic collection of ‘must haves’.

What’s in our creative director’s case?

Where did she get this gear?
Lunch bag by Binksi’s Studio @Etsy; water bottle @swellbottle; cappuccino @starbucks; tech cleaner @whoosh; iPhone 5S by Apple; headphones @beatsbydre; wearable @fitbit; lip balm @ChapStick; sunglasses @39dollarglasses; notebook @decomposition from Chapters; MacBook Pro by Apple; desk by @ikea.