meet our VP of development

We are very happy to welcome Kevin Anderson to our team. As our new Vice President of Development, Kevin will lead our development team to create a solid code foundation that supports our innovative product offering. He brings 25 years of experience in software development and architecture to our table, including the role of Lead and International Architect for Intuit Quick Books (Canada and UK).

Needless to say, we’re very excited to have Kevin on board with us. His firm grasp on best practices in software development is vast and includes everything from object oriented design and C# to Scrum, LINQ and .NET. All of this, of course, is industry jargon for what it takes to make ‘really great, user-friendly, credit-union empowering’ software’.

In spite of his considerable expertise, Kevin is humble about his many accomplishments. His preference is to put his shoulder – and ample intellect – to the wheel and work quietly alongside our team to create software that makes a different in people’s lives.

You can connect with Kevin on LinkedIn here.

Here are some other cool facts about our new VP of Development.

When did you join the thirdstream team?
May 5, 2014.

What is your role with thirdstream?
I work with the developers and liaise with the other teams and executive to develop world-class software for our credit union clients.

What appeals to you the most about the work you do with thirdstream?
The opportunity to be part of a great team and write software that makes a difference in people’s lives. I especially like writing software that is intuitive and user friendly. It is abundantly evident that thirdstream has positioned itself to make a huge impact in people’s lives and I am excited to help that vision move forward.

Now for the fun stuff

June 22

Barnwell, Alberta. Since you’re probably wondering, it was named after a person and not because there was only a “barn” and “well”. On the other hand, Barnwell was/is pretty small.

Grew up in which decade
I’ll let you know when it happens.

Biggest musical (or other) influence when you were growing up
Dungeons and Dragons and guns. As for music, I really liked Queen, Abba and a bunch of bands nobody remembers.

Favourite tune/band on your ipod right now
Well, according to iTunes it is Sara Bareilles, Van Halen and the Glee Cast but my musical interests vary widely. I would have to say that right now I have been enjoying Pentatonix and old 80’s music.

Huge fan of
Science fiction and fantasy, technology and Crossfit.

Family you’d like to mention? (kids, spouse, etc.)
My wife and I have four children – 3 girls and a boy. Only my youngest (my son) should still be at home but they are all still there. We do have a dog but he is psychotic and only likes my wife.

Other Hobbies/Interests
Gadgetholic, photography, hiking

Favourite Beverage
Strawberry milkshake or root beer float

Greatest inspiration
Thomas Edison

Greatest achievement (so far)
My family, of course. They’re the best.

meet our CEO

As CEO of our growing company, Christian Clapton is a fearless visionary who leads our team in bringing marketing and technology together to improve the financial services that our credit union clients can deliver in the online space. His passion and continual insights inspire all of us to innovate and push the envelope in every area of our business.

Among his many strengths as a leader is his ability to bring out the best in each member of our team. He sees potential and then creates the space for that potential to be realized. He also leads by example, working hard and continually challenging himself to do better, know more and reach higher. Whether he’s leaving motivational post-it notes around the office, writing weekly internal updates to celebrate every victory or keeping us in stitches with his unique approach to the English language and all things #hashtagitself, Christian sits quietly and consistently at the centre of every thirdstream success.

Christian is married to Kathy, who is also thirdstream’s creative and copy director. They have three children: Isaac, Abigayil and Maiya. The family resides in sunny and windy Lethbridge Alberta for most of the year while spending a majority of the winter weekends at Castle Mountain Ski Resort.

When he’s not thinking about what’s next for thirdstream, Christian is spending time with his family. He’s an enthusiastic basketball dad and an emerging fly fisherman. And, if he had his way, he’d be skiing 365 days of the year.

Here are some other cool facts about our CEO

When did you join the thirdstream team?


What is your role with thirdstream?

I’m the CEO.

What appeals to you the most about the work you do with thirdstream?

My current top-three loves about what we do at thirdstream are:

  1. The market opportunities we and our clients have to re-invent financial services with innovation and client experience.
  2. That I get to work with great minds both within the company and with our clients.
  3. The pace at which we must evolve and the fact that it is driven by innovation.

What do you appreciate the most about being part of this team?

Working with the people – seeing our team learn and share this while growing themselves in their discipline.  Facilitating this is so very rewarding for me.

Now for the fun stuff


In the United Kingdom



Grew up in which decade

The 80′s

Biggest musical (or other) influence when you were growing up


Family you’d like to mention?

My wife and kids (as mentioned above) but I can’t leave out our daughter-in-law Monique and our dog Teddy (Yorkshire Terrier).

Favourite tune/band on your iPod right now

Band – Jungle    Song – Platoon

You’re happiest when

Skiing and thinking about the turn ahead and planning for the growth of thirdstream and the folks who make it up.

Other Hobbies/Interests

Skiing, fly fishing and my daughters.

Favourite Beverage

It depends on the day of the week.

Greatest inspiration

Steve Jobs.

Greatest achievement (so far)

My family.

our two cents

Every day, each member of our team sits down in front of his or her computer screen with the goal of accomplishing something for our company, themselves or our clients. Usually, it is all three. Given the quirky personalities on our team, we were kind of curious about what those ‘somethings’ could be. So we asked. Some of the answers were very altruistic. Some were downright goofy.

Get some insight into how our crazy little team ticks by reading a few of their answers.

The question:
What are two things you most look forward to about the work you do at thirdstream every day?

Let’s start with Donedin, our administrator extraordinaire. She greets each of us (and our clients) with a friendly smile every day and generally makes life a little brighter for everyone. When we asked her for her ‘two things’, she said:

  1. Being able to make a difference.
  2. The sense of accomplishment I get at the end of a day.

Awww. That is so sweet. Other teammates echoed her with similar sentiments.

Isaac – our QA strategist and junior editor shares:

  1. As a copy editor, I like seeking out issues and rectifying them before we send out our documents. It makes me feel like I am an intricate part of the process (which he most certainly is).
  2. I like QA for a lot of the same reasons I posted for #1. I enjoy the challenge of seeking out issues and contributing to the project at large. Essentially, I like the feeling of contributing my skills towards a larger goal.

Mike – our lead designer (and man of few words) enjoys:

  1. The people.
  2. Learning and playing with new technologies. 

Mihir – our business analyst likes:

  1. To take on a project and see it through to success.
  2. Giving the clients an end-product that meets their needs and makes them happy.

Rachel, our VP of Business Development say she most enjoys:

  1. Working with the team and watching great ideas come to life.
  2. Solving problems for our clients.

Other answers blend whimsy with altruism.

Kristy, our social marketing director says:

  1. Learning. I literally learn something new EVERY day.
  2. The laughter. There’s always lots of that…when we take the time to look up from our screens.

Paul, our lead programmer likes to ask himself:

  1. What challenge am I going to overcome with an amazing solution today?
  2.  How will I ‘tag-team-the-heck out of it’ with my co-workers?

Raul, another of our talented programmers looks forward to:

  1. The challenge of building our applications.
  2. Seeing how many Dr. Pepper cans I can stack on my desk. (The answer is 8, because that’s when Jeff comes in and knocks them off).

Jeff, our (dry-witted) Director of User Experience asked to have three things on his list:

  1. Talking to Kathy.
  2. Talking to Kathy.
  3. Working on new software/functionality.

Speaking of Kathy, our Creative/Copy Director loves brainstorming and connecting with clients. She says:

  1. I look forward to the brain drain that occurs after a really awesome idea is articulated. And the thrill we all get when that idea comes to life.
  2. I really enjoy talking with our clients about what they love most – their credit unions and their members.  Each story is so unique. I feel incredibly lucky when our creative team gets to help them find a way to tell it.

We’re an unusual collection of big thinkers, oddballs, artists and everything in between. We love the work that we do and it’s fair to say we love that we do it together.

meet our vp of business development

If you’ve done any work with thirdstream, there’s a good chance that Rachel Milan was the first person you talked to. If you have, you’ll know that being in a conversation with Rachel makes you feel you’re chatting with a friend and ally. She’s funny, smart and really gets to the heart of what our credit union clients need.

As our Vice President of Business Development, Rachel works closely with clients and our creative and technology teams to deliver results. Whether you’re looking for a unique one-off campaign, a whole year of marketing, a website or banking software, Rachel will understand what you need and will guide our team in providing it for you. Forging new relationships and looking for the opportunity to work on win-win projects is at the core of what Rachel does for thirdstream everyday.

Among the highlights of her career (so far) was the chance to participant in the World Council of Credit Unions’ Young Leaders Program (WYCUP), Rachel had the opportunity to engage with the international credit union community, an experience she calls invaluable.  Outside of the office, Rachel’s interests are family, blogging and kickboxing. She’s also big on LinkedIn. You can find her here.

Here are some other cool Rachel facts.

When did you join the thirdstream team?
September 2010.

What is your role with thirdstream?
My role is to help each client feel like they are the only one we have. As someone who has worked in the credit union system, I try to bring that understanding and knowledge to both our team and our work so that the true voice of the credit union is at the heart of all we create.

What appeals to you the most about the work you do with thirdstream?
Being part of a team that delivers significant results and innovations for credit unions is inspiring. I know that everything we create for our clients will help them grow their business. I also love moving a client’s challenge to an opportunity and being part of the team that sees that transformation. We are a fun and whacky bunch!

In 1-2 sentences, what do you appreciate the most about being part of this team?
I appreciate most that we can all be ourselves and not worry about keeping up appearances.  This team knows me better than some of my family and they still want to work with me!

We are a very real team, raw with talent, emotion, passion and respect for one another (and this awesome company that asked “What if we just serve credit unions?”)

Anything else?
I was very fortunate to represent Canadian Credit Unions in Hong Kong and Barcelona through the World Council of Credit Unions’ Young Leaders Program (WYCUP). I value the connections that I have made throughout my time in the co-operative system. As a family, we try to support co-operatives wherever we can, right down to the butter on our table

Now for the fun stuff

July 24. It’s my birthday 24-7!

In Hammertown – Hamilton. Oskee Wee Wee!

Grew up in which decade
The 80s, like totally.

Biggest musical (or other) influence when you were growing up
U2, Madonna, Paul Simon (yep), The Cosby Show.

Favourite tune/band on your ipod right now
Anything that encourages dance moves for no reason at all.

Family you’d like to mention? (kids, spouse, etc.)
My hubby and I just celebrated our 15 year anniversary by having a baby 11 years after our last. Two dapper boys are helping to take care of their little Pisces sister who will be one in March.

You’re happiest when
There is a thunder storm.

Other Hobbies/Interests
I’ve become a blogger recently, I love to write. I’m also into kickboxing and volleyball.

Favourite Beverage
Anything without an umbrella.

Greatest inspiration
My daughter. If she found her way into this world, anything is possible.

Greatest achievement (so far)
Kicking breast cancer’s a$# with a newborn in tow.

Meet our Director of Product Management

As thirdstream’s Director of Product Management, Jeff Coomber makes it his business to understand exactly what people need and precisely how to design online experiences that ensure they get it. He pairs this skill-set with a comprehensive understanding of credit union business processes. The result: virtual magic for credit unions and their members.

For example, Jeff was a key member of the team that developed open(up)™, our award-winning account opening software. He’s also been instrumental in bringing cumulus™ to market. cumulus™ is our end-to-end virtual account opening and onboarding tool that is yielding great results for for our clients.

Even though Jeff’s been part of our team since 2007, we felt like it was time for a ‘get to know more about you’ refresh. So we sat down with him a little while ago to ask him some probing questions, including everything to what he does at thirdstream to what his favourite beverage is.

What’s your role with thirdstream?
Officially my title is Director of Product Management. I’m also Marketing Strategist on our creative team. It means that I play a role in all areas of our company – software, technology and marketing. I also head up thirdstream labs, our internal initiative for innovation and development of new products.

What do you love about your job?
I get really excited about leveraging technology to engage members in the most meaningful and intuitive experience possible, whether it’s on a website, social or mobile platform or a software solution. I also enjoy working closely with our technology team until that vision becomes a reality.

Tell us about the people you work with.
We’ve got a lot of diverse personalities and talents who are able to laugh, learn and work together while at the same time developing award winning software and marketing solutions. I just enjoy getting to know everyone, the different personalities and cultures. Sharing a laugh, enduring a hard time, or celebrating a victory.

What appeals to you the most about the work you do with thirdstream?
I like that it’s always changing, technology based, it’s creative (marketing and software), solving problems and that it constantly evolves.

Now for the fun stuff



Grew up in which decade?

Biggest musical (or other) influence when you were growing up?
Rock and Rap

Favourite tune/band on your ipod right now?
Mumford & Sons

Huge fan of

Family you’d like to mention?
My wife and all my kids.

You’re happiest when …
solving a problem

Other hobbies/interests
Sports & competition

Favourite beverage
Coke (though I’m trying to quit)

Greatest inspiration
My dad

Greatest achievement (so far)
Being a father to my kids (sidebar: those kids are mini-Jeffs and absolutely awesome – like their dad)

kind of a big deal

It’s not every day that we get to welcome a nationally-recognized, award-winning senior executive to our team, so it’s kind of a big deal to us to officially announce that Nick Curry has joined the thirdstream group.

Some of you may know that Nick was named the ‘CIO of the Year’ by Canadian Business Magazine in 2006. You might also know that he’s already had an impressive career in the finance/insurance industry with executive roles that include CFO, COO, CIO and management. He’s also got not one but two Masters degrees (Computer Science; MBA). It goes without saying that we feel pretty fortunate that he’s joined our team.

We sat down with Nick a little while ago to ask him some probing questions, including everything to what he’ll be doing with thirdstream to what’s playing on his iPod right now.

What is your role with thirdstream?
Good Question. Officially my title is Projects and Operations Director. I see my myself as part business strategist, part executive marketing and relationships, part project/software executive and part operations executive

What appeals to you the most about the work you do with thirdstream? My experience and capabilities are a great natural fit for where the company is today and the opportunities that lie ahead.

So far, what’s the best thing about being part of this team? thirdstream is a unique blend of creative and technology. I know of no other organization that combines those two pieces – with perhaps the exception of Apple a la Steve Jobs.

Now for the fun stuff

Location, location I was born and raised in Winnipeg, although I’ve spent significant portions of my career travelling and working all over North America.

Grew up in which decade? It’s safe to say that my formative years were the 60’s and 70’s.

Favourite tune/band on your ipod right now The music on my ipod changes depending on my mood and what I’m doing.

Marital Status Married with 4 children and a dog (Angus).

You’re happiest when … I can achieve the balance of hard work, hard play, and family, which I strive to do every day. This is a very important part of life for me.

What you do when you’re not working … I love to be outside, golf in the summer, staying fit in the winter.  ‘Back in the day’ I used to do Olympic Distance Triathlons. But that was back in the day.

Favourite Beverage? Gin & Tonic

Greatest inspiration? Hmm. This is a great question. I ‘d have to say that when I look at what Steve Jobs achieved with Apple, I’m pretty inspired.

Greatest achievement (so far)? My most significant achievement, professionally, was being named as the Canadian CIO of the Year by Canadian Business Magazine.

Nick Curry. He’s kind of a big deal. We’re so happy he’s joined our team.