a refreshing approach to mortgage renewal capture

Mortgage renewal time is an opportunity for homeowners to examine how hard their mortgage – and mortgage provider – is working to make the most of their money. Salmon Arm Savings and Credit Union (SASCU)* recognized this. They also recognized mortgage renewal time as an ideal opportunity to deepen their relationship with current members and to forge new in-roads with potential members.

SASCU asked us to help them find a creative and strategic way to reach out to members and potential members about mortgage renewal. We were happy to help.

SASCU is a vibrant, community hearted-credit union that is guided by a promise to provide world class products and services for every phase of their members’ lives. While they can compete on rate and have a wide range of mortgage products for members to choose from, that wasn’t the goal of this campaign. Instead, they simply wanted to find a way to:

  • start a conversation about mortgage renewal
  • empower members/potential members to initiate further contact
  • facilitate a one-to-one ‘mortgage check-up’ with members/potential prior to renewing their mortgage

We worked closely with Deanie Foley Gillespie, SASCU’s Marketing Manager to ensure that the concept would:

  • resonate with the target audience
  • reflect something that staff could get behind
  • differentiate SASCU in the mortgage renewal landscape
  • establish a feeling of relationship rather than ‘sell’

The creative outcome
We chose a very literal spin on the word ‘renew’ to evoke feelings like ‘fresh, clean and possible’ and chose words that would support the concept as well as SASCU’s brand.SASCU_Digital_Display

The strategy
A contest to win a weekend for two at a nearby spa provided incentive for members/potential members to initiate contact with SASCU. This prize reinforced the concept of ‘renewal’ perfectly.

See the campaign in action here and here.