1st Choice Savings to leverage our in-branch platform

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We’re pleased to announce that 1st Choice Savings and Credit Union has chosen our onboarding platform cumulus as its in-branch account opening solution.

Darrel Koskewich, VP of Business Development at 1st Choice Savings says that the credit union’s “strategic focus is new members and increasing our members share of wallet. We’ve chosen thirdstream’s in-branch account opening solution because their process provides efficiency, allowing our staff to have better conversations with our members.” 

We’re happy to welcome you to the thirdstream family, 1st Choice Savings. Our team is looking forward to working with you.

Sunova to leverage our onboarding platform

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We’re pleased to announce that Sunova Credit Union has chosen cumulus as its onboarding solution for opening business and personal accounts, both in-branch and online.

Dallas Kostna, Vice President and CIO at Sunova says that they chose our solution “due to the flexibility it will provide as well as thirdstream’s unique expertise in providing online and in-branch membership management for individuals as well as businesses.”

Welcome to the thirdstream family, Sunova. Our team is very excited to be working with you.

Canada’s leading AML expert Matt McGuire joins our team

mattWe are very excited to announce that we have partnered with internationally recognized forensic accountant Matthew McGuire to lead our regulatory and compliance initiatives. Matt’s leadership ensures that we will continue to protect our clients’ interests in all matters related to FINTRAC, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know-Your-Client (KYC) when it comes to onboarding customers at account opening.

While we have had a long-standing relationship with Matt , his engagement with thirdstream became official in September of 2016. Matt will assist us to ensure that our platform is continually adhering to anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing regulations.

Matt has been helping financial institutions assess and reduce financial crime and related regulatory risks for almost two decades. He has also served as an advisor to the United Nations as well as Canadian and foreign governments on the development of their laws and financial intelligence functions.

Founder of The AML Shop, Matt is considered Canada’s leading Financial Crime Risk Management expert and is internationally recognized for his expertise in anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorist financing (CTF). In addition, Matt is a Chartered Professional Accountant and Chartered Accountant, member of the Department of Finance Private/Public Advisory Committee on AML/AT, Chair of the AML Committee of CPA Canada and the founder of the Seneca College Institute for Financial Crime Analysis. He is certified in Financial Forensics (CFF) by the American Institute of Certified Professional Accountant and as an Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) by the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists.

Matt is excited about his association with thirdstream and sees it as a natural fit with the work he does with his team at The AML Shop. “thirdstream is an innovative and agile firm focused on developing products that reduce burden and improve client experience. Their approach to reducing friction will define compliance management over the next five years.” Matt is also very happy to associate with a company that is so aligned with Canadian credit unions as he has great respect for their “principled and member-driven approach.” He also looks forward to helping our clients in any way he can whether it be program development, evaluation, assistance with regulator interventions or recruitment.

Our CEO Christian Clapton says “When it comes to compliance and security, there is simply no one more qualified than Matt to lead that side of our product development. Not only will our company benefit tremendously from his expertise, insights and connections, his ‘seal of approval’ assures our clients that onboarding via cumulus is 100% compliant. This regulatory assurance will give our clients the confidence to go after new business via our platform and help them to avoid hundreds of thousands of dollars in regulatory fines.
Our CTO Keith Ginter agrees. “Matt brings unparalleled expertise to our team, our platform and, ultimately to our clients. Compliance is one of the biggest barriers to onboarding. Our innovative solutions and Matt’s expertise effectively removes that barrier, especially when it comes to non-face-to-face transactions.”

More about Matt McGuire and the AML Shop
Founded by Matt McGuire, one of the world’s leading experts in Financial Crime, the AML Shop brings together a dynamic team of industry experts to provide financial service companies with regulatory program development, program evaluation, model tuning and validation, regulator intervention assistance, temporary and long term placements and outsourced compliance services. For more information, visit The AML Shop.


StreamBean delight

A few months ago, we told you about our love of great coffee and how we’ve partnered with a local roaster to create StreamBean – a blend that’s unique to thirdstream. Since that time, we’ve been sharing the love with people across the country. We’ve been putting together personalized packages that include a 1/2 pound of our delicious thirdstream roast and gorgeous a one-of-a-kind handmade mug to drink it from.


We’ve been hearing back from our awesome clients and friends about how much they’ve enjoyed their coffee package. Ed Pednaud of Sunshine Coast Credit Union emailed our CEO, saying, ‘Christian, thank you for the gift. I just got it today. I’ve been here three years and did not have my own mug so it is very appropriate. The staff look forward to the coffee as well. Thanks again.

coffee_image_3If you’re a coffee lover, too, let us know. We’ll start putting your package together.




Meet our new VP of Sales and Marketing


We’re very excited to welcome Charles Buchanan to the thirdstream family.

Charles brings a long and successful background to his new role at thirdstream. He’s an IT and business leader with more than 25 years of experience in technology management, marketing, strategic selling and executive leadership. He’s founded and grown several technology companies, engineered mergers and acquisitions, taken companies public and served on boards of directors. He’s held senior management roles in and provided strategic direction to large enterprises like Suncor Energy, Royal LePage, Oracle and Devon Energy. He also holds an MBA from Queen’s University and B.Sc. (Hons) in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

As our VP Sales and Marketing, Charles is taking on the direction and management of all sales and business development operations. He’s also providing executive leadership of our marketing organization, strengthening our efforts to position thirdstream as a visionary and leader in the industry.

On top of his background and impressive business and executive leadership experience, Charles is a great addition to our team. Down-to-earth, driven by integrity and incredibly excited about where thirdstream is going, he’s great fit. 

Getting social with Zag Bank

Zag_Logo_RGB-Mauve_Sign_EnAs Canada’s newest direct bank, Zag Bank’s mandate is to give its brand a compelling voice on social media and to build a social ecosystem that makes it easy for people connect with the brand. We’re happy to say that thirdstream is helping Zag do this by posting, monitoring and then engaging in conversations with their online community. These conversations include everything from assisting with client services inquiries to sharing news and culture.

Our director of social media Kristy Jahn-Smith, who oversees thirdstream’s involvement in Zag Bank’s social engagement, says ‘Zag’s direct banking model is well served by people reaching out through social. It’s a great way to build value in both self-service and peer service’.

It’s also a lot of fun. Jahn-Smith says she loves working in this capacity with Zag. ‘The real time nature of it. Immediate feedback, immediate help. It keeps us on our toes and helps our team to stay very engaged in what’s happening and working in social media engagement.’

Everything new is old again

On April 2nd of this year our company, which was bursting at the seams in our office space, moved into a fantastic new building that will accommodate our growing team and expanding vision. Except the space isn’t new at all.

The new thirdstream head office. We can’t wait to get moved in next month.

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The new thirdstream headquarters was built in 1906, its grand Queen Anne Revival architecture featuring a steeply pitched gabled hip roof, dormers and stacked bay windows. Much of its original interior remains, with hardwood floors, lath and plaster walls and stained glass windows that have more than a century’s worth of stories to tell. Aside from its beautiful aesthetics and sunlit splendour, our new thirdstream home has a striking historical resonance for us. Its original owner was Charles George Kilmer Nourse, who relocated to Lethbridge to become the manager of the city’s first Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce in 1905. As a software development and design agency 100% dedicated to the financial services industry, we think that this is a pretty cool, if coincidental, connection. Another thing we like about the history of our new space is that it’s got a bit of a love story behind it. Nourse’s wife Josephine wasn’t too keen to make the journey from eastern Canada to make Lethbridge her new home. To persuade her – and their children – to join him, Nourse gave Josephine carte blanche to design her dream home. Design she did. 

We love this #throwbackthursday image of the thirdstream headquarters. So much history. #TBT #3SHQ #Yql #lethbridge A photo posted by thirdstream (@thirdstream) on

Our much-anticipated journey into this building has been predictably exhausting, overwhelming and exciting. While we’re still in the process of settling in, we’re all feeling right ‘at home’ in our new – old – space. Check out some photos of our new digs. You’re also welcome to come by and see our new office - and us – in person any time.

The team is really settling into the new space. #3STeam

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Our CEO, Chris, hard at work during the recent renovations to our new building. #3SHQ A photo posted by thirdstream (@thirdstream) on

The move to our new space was truly the work of a team. Pictured here: Keith, Chris and Jeff. #3STeam #3SHQ

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Big bright windows are one of the greatest things about the new thirdstream headquarters. #3SHQ A photo posted by thirdstream (@thirdstream) on

Five cool insights – social engagement

1. What are the top things I can do to increase engagement?

  • Build an audience and continually seek new ways to grow that audience (i.e. Likes campaigns, contests, incentives, ads).
  • Pay for placement (ads).
  • Use planning tools to develop strategy and schedule activities.
  • Always strive to create content that is likeable and shareable.
  • Use high-quality images.
  • Provide your followers with value.
  • Look for ways to engage your internal team.

2. What happens when a Facebook post is boosted?
When you boost a post, your post defies Facebook’s built in algorithms which dictate that your post is only shown to approximately 16% of those who like your page. The boost will help your ad to be shown to more of your followers or even people who don’t follow you. So you are essentially paying to share your message with a wider audience.

It’s a smart idea to boost any post that has already had good engagement organically. This is an indicator that your content has strong traction.

3. How does paying get more people to engage?
A Facebook-boosted post can be targeted to several different groups. You could choose to boost the post to:

  • people who already follow the page
  • people who follow the page and their friends
  • specific geographic areas, genders, age groups or interest groups

By promoting your post to people outside of your current circle of followers, you have the opportunity to earn new page likes, post likes, comments and brand awareness.

4. Can I do similar promotions of my content on Twitter?
It is possible to promote an account, promote a single tweet or promote a trend (#hashtag) as a Twitter ad. Similar to other platforms, you:

  • are bidding for placement
  • can control spending by setting a budget
  • can use analytics to measure and make adjustments

They offer many targeting options including the ability to target followers of specific accounts.

5. What are some tools you recommend for planning?
Creative planning sessions and an editorial calendar are the most basic and essential tools you should consider implementing. These two things will ensure that you always have content in your pocket and that you can deliver it in a timely and consistent manner. Other tools that can be helpful when thinking about the big picture for social media at your organization are a social flight plan (annual) and a social media scorecard.